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Bag E Bottoms 4x11 Size A

Bag-E-Bottoms are like under-wires for your bag! Lightweight acrylic bag support with rounded corners to give your purse or tote a perfect bottom. No more baggy bottoms with Bag-E-Bottoms! Acrylic comes with protective vinyl masking. Peel both sides and rest the acrylic at the bottom of your sewn bag as is, or cover with fabric for a coordinated look. Use with fabric or soft textile creations including yarn-felted bags.
Bag-E-Bottoms Size A: 4in x 11in Fits: Gracie Handbag LGD118, Candice Bag LGD130, Whimsy Bag LGD206

  • Color: Blue
  • Made of: Acrylic
  • Use: Bag Bottoms
  • Size: 4in x 11in
  • Included: One Bag Bottom

Group: Trim, Gifts, & Specialties
Sub Group: Purse & Bag Accessories
upc: 818210005001